LYE - APHASIA "HEREAFTER" CD - Hand made edition
  • LYE - APHASIA "HEREAFTER" CD - Hand made edition
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Due to the great response to our older collection Steph and I have decided to make some of these albums by hand.
So we've got about 2 copies left for you hardcore fans out there that are missing this piece from your collection.

Before the band changed it's name to LYE there were called Aphasia from 1998 until 2004. <br><br>

"Hereafter" is the only remaining "Aphasia" album left in circulation. It has songs that were written during the 6 years the band existed. It has a mixture of new songs and tracks from their first previous releases "Fluid" and  "The Endless Reverie." The album also contains the first mixes of songs that would end up on the Lye album "Companion" which have been removed from the digital release and are only available on this CD.<br><br>

We have approx 30 copies left of this rare album.<br><br>

Released 2003.

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