What have we done?

A Primitive Evolution 

Brett Carruthers—Vocals and Guitar 

Steph Seki—Bass and Vocals 

Stu Dead—Drums 

Out of the primordial soup comes A Primitive Evolution. (A.P.E.)  Given the gift of sentience they are here to create a constantly evolving soundtrack to our world using rocks, hardwood and metal. Now developing their next mutation with some electrifying input from the mind of Ian D'Sa from Billy Talent, Brett Carruthers, Stephany Seki and Stu Dead invite you to witness their latest musical expression. Known to be raw and visceral with soul and beauty A Primitive Evolution is best consumed live and/or at extremely loud volumes. 

Some things that were written about them: 

-These kids know how to birth an ear worm. -Rue Morgue Magazine 

-Toronto’s ‘A Primitive Evolution’ are characterized by their raw, honest musical output and visionary “Alice in Wonderland-esque” music videos. A rock act that puts in effort and passion in all ways and all directions. -Rawramp Magazine 

-The Prize is born. A Primitive Evolution’s second record vibrates with soul, grit, rock and eerie goodness. -Scallywag Magazine 

-Epic is pretty much the only way to describe A Primitive Evolution’s music. -Punk Globe Magazine 

-A Primitive Evolution are something to get excited about. When I first jacked in, I was startled not only by the maturity in their sound, but in the way it was so keen to resonate. Their music is easily met, easily embraced, and impossible to let go. -Bigger Than Beyonce 

-This Canadian alternative blues rock band embrace an evolution of industrial synthesized resonances and altered sampling to create a unique balance of old school rock n' roll with the modern influence of electronica... -Music News 

The performance itself was dynamite. If anyone in Toronto knows how to take advantage of a stage its these guys. A feral, unmatched energy that rips through the air and into the night, taking the crowd along with it, and voiding them of conventional salvation. -Toronto Music Scene 

Some things they've done: 

-Won "Best Rock Band" at the Toronto Independent Music Awards 2015. 

-Worked with Ian D'sa from "Billy Talent" to create the sound and songs for their 2016-2017 releases. 

-All of A Primitive Evolution’s music videos are conceptualized and produced by the band. They then work closely with their friends in the Film industry to direct these ideas and have received funding from MuchFACT to finance them. 

-Produced the album "The Prize" in the short lived Toronto Location of Mushroom Studios with Producer John Wozniak from the band "Marcy Playground." 

-As of Jan 2017 the band has over 45,000 fans across it's social media platforms. 

-The band received a “Music Creation” Grant from the Toronto Arts Council in late 2012 to begin writing their new album. 

-The Song “Still Waiting” is featured on the soundtrack for the film “Chastity Bites” which premiered in Hollywood May 2013. 

-The Song “Beyond True/Won’t Let You Down” was featured on the Cartoon Network series “Stoked.” 

-The Song “Death on Wheels” was included on an episode of the TV series “Degrassi, The Next Generation.” 

-The Bands jamspace was featured in the feature film “SUCK” as the recording studio where Iggy Pop plays Victor, the record producer.

Contact: Brett Carruthers at info@aprimitiveevolution.com
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