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JAN 2021, Toronto, ON.
Welcome, we are A Primitive Evolution (A.P.E.) from Toronto, ON Canada.


Well, we continue to sit through this odd time. Fucking depressing for the most part. What's kept us going is writing and being creative with what we can do and trying not to think about the things we don't have. We've been working on releasing some b-sides from "Becoming" as well as a cover so that should come in the next few months! The new album is being written as well so we will start to record that as soon as we can gather to rehearse.

Our latest album "Becoming" is OUT NOW worldwide and we couldn't be happier with how it has turned out! The best way to get the music is to visit the Bandcamp page where you can also preview the album. 

If you're looking for merch and other goodies we have Voodoo Dolls, hand painted USB keys and our Horror Girl T-shirt design!!
All orders now shipping with a free sticker and guitar pick! Check it out at the MERCH PAGE

Check the TOUR PAGE when the pandemic is over!! hahah FUUUUUUUcccck....

Rock on!
~Brett, Steph and Stu

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Handmade VooDoo w/8GB "A.P.E. Goodies" USB
  • Handmade VooDoo w/8GB "A.P.E. Goodies" USB
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On top of being adorably vengeful, these little critters come with the following tied to their necks on a one of a kind APE USB Key:

-BOTH albums ("A.P.E." and "The Prize")
-a Video Intro from the Band
-several Music Videos
-wicked Promo Shots
-Show Poster Artwork 
-Band Onesheet Bio

Handmade and painted by the band themselves (mostly Steph haha)

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stream the new album becoming below!

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