Apr 19 2015: The Reviews Are In

"they were fierce and unforgettable. From the first note to the very last they had my undivided attention.
The music, loud and driving, with purpose. Great guitar riffs, amazing bass lines and energetic drumming. These guys were amazing!"
Mar 24 2013: The Scene Magazine

Personally, I enjoyed A Primitive Evolution way more than the other bands on the bill. I would just like to see them at an earlier time. And I loved how heavy they sound live!
Oct 2011: Toronto Music Scene

The performance itself was dynamite. If anyone in Toronto knows how to take advantage of a stage its these guys. A feral, unmatched energy that rips through the air and into the night, taking the crowd along with it, and voiding them of conventional salvation. A Primitive Evolution still gives unmatched performances, and despite a week of shows, theirs remains a tough act to beat.
June 2011: Vanmusic

My heart races every time I see them live. As I’ve previously exclaimed, A Primitive Evolution is consistently able to create a new form of entertainment which is distinctly their own, and separates them from other bands. While they are the center of attention on stage, the excitement isn’t always right on stage – they are also about creating a unique experience and different atmosphere for the entire venue. A.P.E. has strong engagement with the audience
May 18th 2011: Music Psychos

When one of Toronto's most buzzed bands, A Primitive Evolution, hit the stage, the crowd was well primed and ready to rock. The fans were eager with anticipation (let's not forget to mention that Billy Talent's Ian D'Sa was in the crowd that night) - and A.P.E. knew they would have to deliver. So when they hit the stage, the band got right into their first song. Te reaction from the crowd was akin to pouring gasoline on fire - the quartet blew up the venue...
Dec 2009: The Lonely Vagabond

Out of the ashes of Lye, Brett Carruthers and Steph Seki decided to press on for arena rock immortality, in mid-sized venues of course. With a clear direction and a reinvigorated line-up, A.P.E. demonstrates how rhythm-driven grunge-metal can co-exist with classic rock stalwarts who sell their soul for rock and roll (Sabbath, Zeppelin) anchored by grinding guitars, throbbing bass, and a darkly seductive stage presence. Self-proclaimed fans of horror culture, A.P.E. unleash a killer (pun intended) live performance that’s sweeping, hypnotic, and intense, proving that they are indeed defenders of the rock-metal faith.


May 2013: Punk Globe Magazine

Epic is pretty much the only way to describe A Primitive Evolution’s music. The Toronto-based band is made up of former members of Lye and Aphasia, and the result of the talented trio making music together is an authoritative testament on what rock and roll really is. After their well-received eponymous debut in 2009 and featured music in movies and series like Chastity Bites and Stoked, respectively, the band got together to record an unplugged album featuring different versions of songs from their debut; however, APE just couldn’t help themselves, and instead the recording sessions led to the band’s titan sophomore album, The Prize.
Apr 6th 2013: Instant Filter

...the apt phrase that comes to mind is ‘Tour de force’. Their passion for music and the overall experience, can be seen in the Alice-In_Wonderlandesque videos, the groove, tempo, deceptively great work on the percussion, little surprise riffs in the middle of songs which transcend an already good melody to another level, and I could go on and on. But, what really impressed me more than all this is the raw power, passion and emotion in the vocals.
Apr 6th 2013: Why Blue Matters

A Primitive Evolution is Toronto’s newest rupture of angst and self-empowered defiance. This band comes not in hygienic capsules of neat delivery, but in a trembling proclamation of raunchy blues-rock revival...
Apr 3rd 2013: Indie Bands Blog

Rolling peels of bass rattle through the speakers as A Primitive Evolution play the darker side of rock. There is in earthy tinge to the music which is delivered with precision. The lower tones are what adds considerably to the value of the band and they keep the listener engaged not only cerebrally, but feeling the material flow through the bones...
Apr 2nd 2013: Rawramp Magazine

‘Lord of Reason’ begins with a roaring beam of sound spiralling in, then a disdainful voice that sneers against the belting – yet wickedly sardonic – soundscape. The vocal careers around the biosphere like a rattled beast. A clash of cymbals introduces the burning chorus – the door is opened – and in pours a beautiful flaming mouth of sounds.
Apr 2nd 2013: Follow the Signal

Their new album “The Prize” wastes no time, with album opener “Lord of Reason” kicking things off with a groove reminiscent of Monster Magnet’s “Space Lord”. The head bobs uncontrollably to a fuzzed out blues rock groove. Vocalist/guitarist Brett Carruthers leads with a charismatic midrange, while bassist Stephany Seki and drummer Stu Dead hold down the fort.
Mar 18th 2013: Manifesto Magazine

A.P.E. has proven with The Prize that creativity is not only a tool for evolution, but the defining home for it to lay its head... This new album, an inspired collection of re-worked tracks from their debut along with new songs is sonically stirring and magnetic. “Coming and Going” is a lush poem composed with tight vocals and lead guitar work that accentuates but doesn’t dictate the flow. “I Feel It All” is hard-charging, and pulls you into the rhythm so deep...
Mar 13th 2013: Music eMissions

From beginning to end the tracks evolve into something different after each song. Maybe that's what make this album unique. On this album there is something about Brett's voice that brings you into each song and makes you want to listen, almost hypnotizing you with his voice. His voice truly is one of a kind and distinct; his use of the different ranges and pitches shows his strive to perfect almost every song.
Mar 12th 2013: Celebrity VIP Lounge

Pearl Jam. Nirvana. The Smashing Pumpkins. Some of the 90s biggest bands put out their best work during that era. Toronto-based band A Primitive Evolution may sound like a band from that time, but they have added their own unique imprint on the sound for a new generation. Their second full length release, The Prize, cements their previous sound and propels them towards new areas of rock to deliver ten songs of divergent, pulsatingly passionate groove rock.
Mar 12th 2013: Buzz Feed

Remember when youtube didn't exist and only MTV offered your favorite music videos for viewing, which worked because at the time MTV actually aired music videos? ... However this pre-youtube era had its perks. For example, music videos debuts caused full audience anticipation. Music fans looked forward to the final reveal because videos utilized real storytelling with elaborate production and extended scenes. The latest music video from A Primitive Evolution reminds me of those days. Their music video for Lord of Reason is pretty awesome and the music matches this level of awesome with solid rock music...
Mar 11th 2013: BL RAG

A Primitive Evolution Puts Canada Back On The Rock Map!
Toronto's alternative rock kings A Primitive Evolution have been carving out their own unique niche, not only with their authentic take on "alternative blues rock", but with their intensely creative, high budget videos that look inspired by both Lewis Carroll and Tim Burton. The "Lord of Reason" music video was directed by Peter J Arvidsson, and features some fantastic imagery, but it's really the song itself that is something to get excited about...
Mar 7th 2013: Mondo Cult
Toronto's alternative/blues rock trio A Primitive Evolution are characterized by their raw, honest musical output and visionary "Alice in Wonderland-esque" music videos. A rock act that puts in effort and passion in all ways and that look like punks but their musicality denies the costume. These guys simply prove that what goes around comes around. Reminiscent of the 60s, the music eases one into a trippy place… and a good place…excellent lead vocals (most unusual in this day and age). That's a hell of a lot of noise for three kids. I hope they keep it up.
Mar 1st 2013: Nerdy Nothings

What’s really cool about The Prize, especially on the faster tracks, is that there’s a genuine groove here... The production on this record, too, should be lauded. The combined efforts of the band and John Wozniak, lead singer/guitarist of the band Marcy Playground, make this disc sound instantly radio-ready. Drums thunder, vocals punch, and the acoustic guitar carries it all along in a low-mid-range flow; everything in the mix has room to breathe and nothing feels washed-out or less than crisp.
Feb 28th 2013: The Levity Ball

From the group’s name, you almost immediately obtain a feeling of dirtiness, of rambunctious early man, where clubs were common weapons and dinosaurs arm-wrestled gorillas. ‘A Primitive Evolution’ rocks, and not in the cheesy way Boston and Tom Petty rock when they are trying to flirt with middle-aged woman. This is the real rock, the RAWK that the young and cool dinosaurs enjoy, not the ancient old man Foreigner fan type dinosaur. Let’s get to the point. ‘A Primitive Evolution’ is a fun, exciting, and likable group who employ fast-paced guitar rock energy, with a dirty down-south swagger...
Feb 19th 2013: Scallywag Magazine

What was intended to be an unplugged version of a debut album morphed into its own monster… thus, The Prize is born. A Primitive Evolution’s second record vibrates with soul, grit, rock and eerie goodness. I’ve had it in my ears for a few weeks now and find that it’s a go to just about every day.... when they teamed up with Producer John Wozniak something different bubbled to the surface. They emerged from Mushroom Studios in Toronto with a second album and a new way to whoop the ass of the world with its music...
Feb 9th 2013: Examiner

Welcome to A Primitive Evolution's The Prize, a full length album that provides a glimpse into the alternative world of a band native to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, bent on making impactful music. A collection of ten songs, The Prize, is not standard fare alternative, but an onslaught of heavy, layered rock with lyrics that are organic, raw and real. Opening with "Lord of Reason," vocalist Brett Carruthers is able to establish a powerful pull over the listener with contemplative ruminations...
Feb 8th 2013: Monolith Sound

The record is a power house of strong acoustic rhythms, electronic synthesizer passages, blues infused vocal lines and pounding percussion. This record is a real testament to blues music whilst staying relevant and modern with influences from today’s music. It’s just straight up Rock n’ Roll with a bit of flavor and spice added for that extra kick. APE have brought Rock music into the modern era with ‘The Prize’ and are showing the rest how it’s done.
Feb 8th 2013: Rock World Magazine

The band’s second album hints at being dark but surprising streaks of light ripple through each track. “I Feel It All” is a window into the pure commercial yet true-to-itself sound that A.P.E. puts forth. The band’s music has been used in film and TV but don’t let that dissuade the purist who is in it for the personal soundtrack.
Brett Carruthers’ vocals will at once conjure up Jim Morrison with a little Robert Plant thrown in. Bassist Steph Seki and drummer Stu Dead swarm around Carruthers in a skillfully devilish way, evoking Queens of the Stone Age and some good old-fashioned Guns N Roses...
Feb 8th 2013: Music News

A Primitive Evolution or as abbreviated by fans, A.P.E seem to suggest their tailor-made variety of musical composition eponymously. From the first song of their latest album The Prize, this Canadian alternative blues rock band embrace an evolution of industrial synthesised resonances and altered sampling to create a unique balance of old school rock n' roll with the modern influence of electronica...
Feb 7th 2013: Bigger Than Beyonce

A Primitive Evolution are something to get excited about. When I first jacked in, I was startled not only by the maturity in their sound, but in the way it was so keen to resonate. Their music is easily met, easily embraced, and impossible to let go.
Children of both rock and the blues, this group adds unprecedented soul to what would otherwise dust as radio rock. Their h-core ‘tude is rocked into sedation by a more gothic undertone, leaving you manic and mysterious...
Jan 14th 2013: Nightmair Creative

Often one has to sift through a lot of crap bands to find the gems – and when the pearls are found they should be celebrated. A Primitive Evolution’s The Prize is no pearl however – more like a voyage through the very fabric of imagination and creation.
Opening track Lord of Reason makes the hairs on the back of our neck stand up in an uncomfortably thrilling way. Deep lyrics, haunting melody, and the twisting turning vocals of Brett Carruthers combine to create a sonic masterpiece you’ll want to hear on perpetual repeat.
Dec 2013: Lithium Magazine

In terms of the new material found on The Prize, the single “Lord of Reason” is the most notable. Every time I listen to that particular song I can’t help but feel a familiarity with the Seattle sound of the 90s. Following this release, I personally cannot wait to see what the band writes for their third album. If they could smash together and fuse the musical styles of their first two albums then there is no doubt we will be in for an incredible album.


April 3rd 2013: Highlight Magazine takes a closer look at the meaning behind the song "I Feel It All" with Brett.

A Primitive Evolution is a band you might not have heard of before, but after you read the story of how their song “I Feel It All” came alive, there is no doubt you will immediately click on a new tab and google this song to listen to it. This three piece alternative-grunge band from Toronto, Canada may take their influences from classic rock bands, but they are creating a new influence of staying true and honoring others.
January 3rd 2013: Brett caught up with Dom at Soundsphere out of the UK to chat about what's on the horizon for A Primitive Evoltuion.

S] What about personally, what kinds of themes and ideas can inspire your songs?
B] “When I was 14 my father was killed by a drunk driver. At that time I was a pretty angry person and music became my outlet for these feelings. I think that a lot of the lessons I learned from that experience are still weaved into all the music I write. The importance of love and death in your life.....
June 2nd 2012: Take a Stand Media has a chat with Brett about how the band was formed, how they write and create and what's in store for the future.

TSM] What is the origin of the band’s name? How has the band progressed through the years?
B] The name means many things, its origins go back beyond our existence. In the beginning there was just a tide pool, then little organisms started asexually reproducing… I often wish I could do that. Anyway, it’s all about the small changes that are so important, small changes that lead to the existence and evolution of all living things…
May 11 2012: Feedback Fury digs in deep with some interesting questions about how Brett handles the bands inner workers and what role each member plays in the success of the project.

FF] Describe your drummer Stu and his musical abilities.
B] Stu's a really creative person. He brings that out in his drumming as well. He takes a different approach than a lot of the drummers that I have worked with. I find it really inspiring. On the acoustic record, he got his moment to shine. He brought in two pieces of metal that he screwed together and welded a piece on. 
June 6 2012: Madly Juicy says, A.P.E. has a sound like no other, with strong lead vocals from front man, Brett Carruthers, and rocking back-up music that is sure to get you up off your feet. One thing for sure, this is definitely not the last time you will be hearing their name.

MJ] How did the band get started?
B] Steph and I met Stu through his store Playdead Cult, when our band Lye was breaking up. Stu suggested we rock a few tunes in his basement. We obliged and the rest is history!
May 2012: The Independent Music Awards talks with Brett about the band, their fans and musical heroes.

B] I was given the opportunity to hang out with Them Crooked Vultures when they were on tour. I have to say it was the greatest experiences with musical hero’s you could ask for. They were all awesome down to earth guys from all different era’s of influence on me musically.



Jan 16th 2011: Toronto's Diamond Rock Scene

Their first CD managed to capture the fundamentals. It hasn’t left my CD player in weeks now and is the kind of album that gets better with each listen… Make sure to catch their fantastic shows, buy their CD and show your support for a true gem of the new classic Canadian rock. They truly shine!
Nov 2nd 2010: Rue-Morgue Review

A Primitive Evolution’s disc has been in solid rotation here at the RM House of Horror since it came out earlier this year and this video for their latest single “Show Me” might explain why. Check it out and prepare to have the song banging around in your head for a while…these kids know how to birth an earworm.
May 25th 2010: Pure Grain Audio

A Primitive Evolution is a band everyone should keep their eye on. I have a feeling that in the not-so-distant future these guys will be inking deals and putting out releases worldwide. All fans of great rock music should be interested in “Beyond True”. Make sure you buy this song or the new full album off iTunes ASAP!


Sept 10 2011: Live in Limbo pictures from the Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto, ON, Canada
Feb 24th 2011: FUTO-GRAPHY Pictures from The Hard Rock Cafe, Toronto, ON Canada
May 17 2009: CITY NEWS

Toronto clothing institution Playdead Cult helped put on a very solid show inside a darkened Mod Club Theatre.
Dubbed Viva Los Muertos!, the mini-fest featured sets by Purrr, A Primitive Evolution and a lengthy headlining throw down by massive local success The Birthday Massacre. Extras included major merch sales, dancing Playdead mascots and an eclectic long-weekend crowd that collectively offered plenty for the live eye.